Looking for the best Service Provider in Pakistan?

Computer Xperts is the official Alibaba Global Partner in Pakistan who can provide you all kind of Alibaba services in Pakistan.

We can connect you with the officials at head office in Guangzhou, China. We can help you reach millions of business buyers on Alibaba platform by registering your company on Alibaba.

What is is the world’s largest B2B eCommerce Marketplace with more than 30 maillion active buyers. We are the Official Authorized Channel Partner in Pakistan that can help you grow your Export business worldwide with We can help you sell your products to more than 200 countries in the world using this platform. is like a 24/7 Online Trade Show that has no borders. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, trader or a wholesaler, you can receive and respond to buyer inquiries from anywhere at any time.


Alibaba Registrations and Renewals

Being the official Partner of, we can offer you Alibaba Account registrations and renewals at the best discounted rates. offers paid memberships at yearly costs to build your verified online store and post unlimited products.

Being the official Service Partner of we offer you complete support and service throughout the year so you can run a successful business and renew each year. Not just registrations, you can also renew your Alibaba subscription with Computer Xperts.


Product Posting

Product posting is the key to get business from With Paid membership plan, you can post unlimited products on your online store and get unlimited inquiries from all over the world.

We use the best techniques and latest algorithms to post the premium products that rank quickly and get genuine inquiries from buyers. We can post as many products as you want in a very reasonable price per product. We guarantee the best Product score and the best conversion rate.

Product Shooting

If you don’t have high quality pictures for your products then don’t worry. Our product photography team can manage it all. We have the most experience Product photographers who knows how to bring life to a product.

And moreover, our in-house team of photographers are also aware of the Alibaba product photo guidelines so they always take the best pictures that meet the criteria perfectly and attract the buyer. Moreover, apart for Product photography we can also offer on-site photography services to highlight your industry and manufacturing units on

Keyword Advertising

Keyword Advertising is powerful tool of that can promote your products to the top search results and give a boost to your product inquiries by using Pay Per Click model. With Keyword Advertising, your products will appear among the top 5 results when a buyer searches for your product.

If you want to receive a significant increase in your product inquiries, you should use this feature. Keyword Advertising is a value-added service available to Gold Suppliers only. Computer Xperts is Alibaba Authorized Channel Partner and if you choose us as your service provider then we can setup your Keyword campaigns and everything free of cost.

Free Alibaba Training

Being Alibaba Global Partner, it gives us the opportunity to provide Free Alibaba training to all the new Gold Suppliers who has joined We give detailed training sessions every week to our Alibaba Gold Suppliers in our Alibaba office so they can understand the platform and generate business inquiries from this platform.

From product posting to RFQ’s and increasing Star ratings, we will guide you completely throughout the year. Apart from the training sessions in our Alibaba office, you will also join ASTE (Alibaba Seller Training E-course) program where trained people provide complete training to new sellers so they can understand the platform and get benefit from this.

Free Consultancy

We also provide Free consultancy for Alibaba memberships and its services. We guide you on how you can grow your Export business with Being Authorized Channel Partner, we have access to industry related data so we can tell you exactly which industry is leading on and which business trends are more popular on Alibaba.

We answer whatever questions you have in mind related to Alibaba. Moreover, we can also arrange your one-to-one conversation with Official Channel Manager (Miss Jessie Lee) to solve your problems related to

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